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Residential Solar Systems

Sailax Solar was started with a serious intention. To create a cleaner environment with innovative solar solutions for our valued customers that increased the value of their homes and provided a secure and profitable return on investment.

Our experience and buying power is unrivalled, sourcing the highest quality Tier 1 products so that each of our panels comes with an industry-leading performance warranty, increasing your long-term financial returns and providing your opportunity to reinvest family income into life and experiences for you and your family.

Providing high-quality solar systems at affordable prices combines with our 15 years’ experience on installation and maintenance to ensure you receive a fully customised system according to your family’s actual, individual needs. This ensures we deliver on our promises to:

• Make renewable energy viable for all Australians.
• Provide Premium products and installer service.
• Ensure you get the best return on your investment.
• Help us all to take a giant leap towards a sustainable future.
• Provide the latest technologies direct to you.

With non-renewable energy on its way out, we are left with a pressing need to embrace a different way to power our lives. Using your solar panels to generate Direct Current (DC) provides energy to your inverter to convert into Alternate Current (AC) to power your home.

Any excess energy you generate is sold back to your energy retailer, increasing your return on investment, while also keeping you plugged into the grid in case you ever require more energy than your solar system is generating on a particular day. Sailax Solar is an accredited all in one solar systems provider supporting families throughout Victoria and New South Wales and we are proud in our mission to be creating renewable and sustainable energy solutions not only for now, but for future generations.

Our after-sales support and maintenance program is second-to-none to keep your solar system operating at full capacity and generating the very best return on your investment. To get started, simply fill out our online quote form or give us a call on 1300 880 469 and take the steps towards securing long-term sustainability for your business.

Benefits and Progress
Save Energy and money with Renewable Energy Solutions

• Energy Independence
• Earn Money
• Electricity Bill Savings
• Eco-Friendly
• Affordable

Our History
An Australian-based company, we opened our doors with just two employees working in a modestly sized office. Our core belief was providing the best quality products backed by a level of customer service that was second to none. Five years on, we have grown exponentially – with a huge team of staff and local solar panel installer contractors operating in most of Australia’s capital cities through partnerships with various companies who share our beliefs, we have become a driving force in the solar power industry. In saying that, however, our core belief has not faltered in the slightest; we still deliver top quality products with exceptional service.