Commercial Solar Systems Sailax Solar
Commercial Solar Systems Sailax Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

With fossil fuels and other non-renewable power sources on their way out, it’s time to look for a different way to power our lives and businesses. Solar energy is a powerful source of alternative energy and without doubt a technological marvel.

Solar power is generated from the sun when there is sufficient light energy. The solar cells convert light energy in the form of photons into electricity (Direct Current – DC). The inverter then converts the Direct Current to Alternate Current (AC) for your own use.

Any excess solar energy generated but unused during the day is sent back to the power grid and purchased by your electricity retailer, appearing on your energy account credit. If you require more electricity, you are still able to utilise power from the grid – ensuring you are supplied with the necessary amount of power for your business at all times.

Sailax Solar is an accredited all in one solar systems provider assisting your business from top to bottom with:

• Grid Applications
• System Design
• Approvals
• Stakeholder Management
• Network Feasibility Studies
• Financial Forecasting
• Rooftop & Ground Mount Systems
• Grid-Connect and Hybrid systems

Our experience and buying power is unrivalled, sourcing the highest quality Tier 1 products so each of our panels comes with an industry-leading performance warranty.

No matter what industry you operate in, you need a way to reduce costs, secure sustainability, ensure regulatory compliance, and keep on providing excellent products and services to your customers.

To reach your goals, we are on hand with above industry standard post-sales support and maintenance for your solar system, to keep your business operating at full capacity and the very best return on your investment.

To get started, simply fill out our online quote form or give us a call on 1300 880 469 and take the steps towards securing long term sustainability for your business.

Benefits and Progress
Save Energy and money with Renewable Energy Solutions

• Energy Independence
• Earn Money
• Electricity Bill Savings
• Eco-Friendly
• Affordable

Our History
An Australian-based company, we opened our doors with just two employees working in a modestly sized office. Our core belief was providing the best quality products backed by a level of customer service that was second to none. Five years on, we have grown exponentially – with a huge team of staff and local solar panel installer contractors operating in most of Australia’s capital cities through partnerships with various companies who share our beliefs, we have become a driving force in the solar power industry. In saying that, however, our core belief has not faltered in the slightest; we still deliver top quality products with exceptional service.